The Great Debate: Maid Services- Necessity, Or Luxury?


According this website, it is necessity. But if you do not have one you may believe that they are for people who have money to burn. If you do have one, it would take a lot for you to give one up. Who is this indispensable person to one who is the greatest luxury to another? It is the household maid.

To those who have not yet gotten a maid, it can seem like a pipe dream, or an unrealistic goal and an unnecessary additional expense. It could be true, but here are the reasons that everyone can benefit from having a household cleaning service. It also involves dispelling myths as well.

A cleaning service plays many roles. They might come through weekly to sweep, mop, dust, and scrub down bathrooms and kitchens. They might help with laundry, depending upon the agreement you have with them.

Some cleaning services provide a deep cleaning, such as for spring or fall cleaning, and for move out or move in cleaning situations. These involve extra scrubbing and the nitty gritty of windows, molding, ceiling fans, and anything else that is usually merely glossed over the rest of the year.

While thoroughness is emphasized by professional house cleaners, it can be expensive. Not that you do not have to have a maid come to your home weekly. You might keep a pretty neat home all month long, but want that extra assurance that maintains the overall cleanliness, and value of your home and its appearance.

For those who have a maid, if financial times get tight, it can be one cost they look at cutting. Rather than eliminating professional cleaning services altogether, they may change the scope and frequency of such cleanings instead.

Keeping Allergies At Bay
Another popular reason that many people hire someone in to clean for them is allergies. Many are allergic to dust or cleaning agents and cannot tolerate the impact of an allergy attack to clean house for themselves.

Arthritic Joints
Others suffer from range-of-motion issues and are better off if they have someone come into their home to clean for them. People who have neurological conditions, arthritis and disabilities may find that cleaning house is an area where they need help.

Luxury Or Necessity
If you are like many, you are still wondering why that stay-at-home mom does not pick up the vacuum herself. Same for Mr. Mom. Surely they can handle it and obviously, can afford the cost of it.

Yet, for other people the thought of putting their home in the care of someone else seems unnecessary and like a liability. Surely you have heard of people who hired an unscrupulous cleaning lady who stole money, jewelry, or even just nick knacks. Either way, putting private matters into the hands of a cleaning person may pose hazardous to your family.

Liability Or Asset?
While you do not want to be underfoot or appear paranoid, you may have other ways to put yourself at ease. Honestly, how many people have printouts of their financial information lying around these days? Turn off or log off computers and hold onto your cellphone when company, including the cleaning service, is coming by.

In addition, many cleaning services require that you perform a pre-cleanup. That means cleaning off counters and dressers to allow them to make a clean sweep go even faster. In theory, jewelry and other valuables probably would not be in the line of sight for practical reasons.

It would take much too long to clean if everything was still sitting out of place. Making their job easier, by piling laundry in the laundry room or ensuring that surfaces are cleared off will provide fewer distractions. Having fewer distractions means that the cleaning team or individual will have less fatigue and less likelihood of stopping to snoop.

Cleaning services are invaluable for people who have health issues, are strapped for time, or just do not wish to get to know their broom and every crevice of their home. For others, cleaning is therapeutic, and they do not like having strangers in their space. There are definitely two schools of thought on the issue, and neither side will ever win out over the other.

The Best Garage Door Openers Of 2016

Are you confused about getting the perfect garage door opener for your garage door?

Take a lot at the top 10 garage door openers to find your best fit.

  1. Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive

If you are looking for a powerful and unfailing garage door opener then the Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive is what you need. It comes with a rechargeable battery which is a great advantage when there is a power outage. There is also a lifetime warranty on its belt and motor which will be a huge relief for you. This opener is so strong and powerful that it can lift even the heaviest garage doors. Its smart-phone connectivity feature lets you open the garage door with a simple swipe on your smart-phone. Similar to openers from Chamberlain this model too has a sturdy frame and attractive warranty.

  1. Chamberlain Ultra Quiet

This is a belt-drive type. If you have a sectional double wide door, then this is a must-have model for you. The unique feature of the Chamberlain Ultra Quiet garage door opener is that it comes with a timer which allows the garage door to be shut automatically. This garage door opener operates quietly and efficiently without causing any disturbance to you or your neighbours. The smart-phone connectivity makes it a delight for homeowners. The Chamberlain Ultra Quiet functions with a ½ horsepower and also included a timer like the Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive so that the garage door gets shut automatically.

  1. The LiftMaster 8550

The LiftMaster 8550 is included with a rechargeable battery so that you don’t have to fret over closing or opening the garage door during a power cut. The LiftMaster 8550 is also belt driven and is very quiet and functions very smoothly unlike the chain driven garage door openers. This garage door opener is also very powerful and has a 3/4 horsepower which makes it suitable for opening most of the garage doors. It is manufactured with all the basic features and a couple of extra features such as the timer that saves you time on closing the garage door. This no-nonsense and highly functional is a best buy for garage owners.

  1. Craftsman 3/4 hp Chain Drive 54990

This is a chain drive garage door opener. It has a striking 3/4 horsepower motor that can lift and open garage doors weighing up to around 550 pounds. This is a very tough and dependable garage door opener that can lift your heavy garage doors effortlessly. Being a sears product you don’t have to worry about its quality and performance. This is a perfect garage door opener for wooden or ornate garage doors and is very suitable for a metal sectional door.

  1. The craftsman-1-2-hp-belt-drive

The craftsman-1-2-hp-belt-drive features a Motor vibration belt which makes it noise free and suitable for a 7 foot sectional garage door. However compared to other garage door openers it has a comparatively low horsepower. But the most attractive advantage of this opener is that it works on a belt instead of a chain. Belt garage openers are a more favoured type because it does not need any greasing it works more quietly and is cleaner. But the motor vibration belt is what makes it outstanding as this belt minimizes movement so that there is less noise.

  1. The Sommer 3/4 hp Direct Drive

Again this garage door is also very powerful because it has a 3/4 horsepower motor. This sturdy garage door opener is capable of lifting doors weighing up to 550 pounds. But a unique feature of this opener is that it has only one moving structure and it runs along the rail. This is a chain drive type but you don’t have to worry about the noise. Since it has only one moving structure it makes very low noise.

  1. Chamberlain PD762EV

The most interesting feature of the Chamberlain PD762EV is that it is attuned with MyQ home automation systems. This tough, noise-free garage door opener is a wonderful solution for homeowners who own hefty garage doors. The Chamberlain PD762EV is a 3/4-horsepower chain-driven garage door opener. It is consistent, gentle and considerably stronger than the 1/2-horsepower versions. Since it is durable and strong, the Chamberlain PD762EV is a very functional garage door opener. It can manage lifting strong double-wide doors weighing up to 550 pounds very easily. But in case the garage door is more than 7 feet high then you will need to get a 8 – 10 foot long rail extension in order to make the door open fully.

  1. Genie QuietLift 800

The Genie QuietLift 800 is a belt drive garage door opener that opens silently. It is a perfect option for homes that have sectional garage doors. It is built with a 1/2-horsepower motor, which is powerful enough to raise a sectional wood or metal garage door that has a weight of about 350 pounds. While this has ample of power for lifting majority of the garage doors, you will require a 3/4-horsepower garage opener if you are the owner of an oversized heavy door.

  1. Chamberlain PD612EV Power Drive

The Chamberlain PD612EV is a reasonably priced garage door opener with a pleasant feature package that comes with a keyless pad. This company as mentioned above is the best for garage door openers. The Chamberlain PD612EV Power Drive is very secure and reliable. It has smart-phone connectivity which is a very helpful and convenient feature for garage door openers. The only disadvantage is that since it is constructed around a chain, it is slightly noisy. This is a apt opener for most of the residential doors. For doors that weigh more than 300 pounds, the garage door opener should have 3/4 horsepower. This garage door opener is suitable only for doors weighing less than 300 pounds because it has a horsepower of only 1/2 .

  1. Genie ChainLift 800

The Genie ChainLift 800 is a firm garage door opener that is powerful enough to open a standard residential sectional door. This is a very basic model and does not include any interesting features that are available in the high-end models.

The Most Common and Popular Roof Problems


Our roof is the most neglected part of our houses, perhaps because we do not see it all of the time, and perhaps we never see it if we are not ever up there looking around. This is why we can have roof problems and never know it, until it is too late and we have already developed a leak.

If you can, it is always a good idea for you to go up onto your roof and have a look around. If your roof is steeply sloped, you should confine your roof observation efforts on the ground, rather than to risk a fall which could cause serious injury, or even death.

Of course a major windstorm like a tornado or a hurricane can literally rip a roof right off of its foundation, which would require the complete rebuilding of a new roof, but when push comes to shove that is not the most common sort of roof repair, in fact that hardly every happens to most homeowners and their roofs.

The most likely incidents that will cause a roof to begin to leak water or have a breach is a good old fashioned thunderstorm. Many times these thunderstorms in the late winter and springtime will kick up winds in the neighborhood of 30 to 60 mph which is enough to pry some shingles loose or simply blow a section off of roof.

This can go unnoticed unless you have a way of checking on things right after one of these storms. One word of caution: If you are not experienced in getting up on roofs, or if you are physically impaired in any way, you should not event think about getting up on the roof of your home.

However, if after a large storm, you find shingles in the yard or if you can see damage, or what looks like damage, call your insurance company and have them send a claims adjuster over to inspect your roof. If there is damage, they can probably refer you to a reliable roofing company who will also work under your insurance company’s guidelines.

If you want to get bids call several roofing companies and ask them to come and look at your roof. Any roofing company would be more than glad to do so, especially if they feel that they might get some new business.

Damage from wind and rain can vary from very minor to more extensive damage, depending upon the nature and the strength of the storm. Some storms seem like they weren’t much to worry about, yet they can sometimes cause the most damage. On the other hand some really fierce sounding storms, may not have caused any damage at all.

The reason that you should take so much care in checking your roof when you have storms is that it doesn’t take much damage to start a trend of erosion to the point that more damage can occur over time by more and more water getting in through a small crack in the defense that your roof provides.

Lightning is another natural event that can cause roof repair to be needed, and that will usually be quite evident to the casual observer. First of all, if you are in the house when the lightening strikes, you will probably hear an ear splitting noise. Then you will most likely be able to observe the damage with the naked eye. If you hear the noise, but don’t see any damage, call you claims adjuster anyway.

Of course if you have a fire, in the roofing area, that will cause damage too, and your insurance company claims adjuster will be the expert who will determine the amount of the damage to be dealt with.

Our roof is the first line of defense in protecting our entire house from moisture, mold, wood rot and a general decay of our homes from weather and outside elements. If you suspect that anything at all is wrong with the shingles or structure of your roof, you should look into things immediately.

While is can be fairly obvious to you if major damage has occurred to your roof, it is the minor damage that you have to become aware of, mainly because of its subtle damage that might not be apparent or may seem to minor to deal with.

What is the best tow truck service company in the US?

What is the best tow truck service company in the US?

You will know the importance of a towing service provider when your car just refuses to start or gets stranded in a remote location in the middle of the night. Since these people help you out during your worst times, you tend to remember each and every service that they provide you. It is very tough to come up with just one best towing service provider in the US, as there are too many companies out there, providing excellent service to their clients.

How do we judge which is the best company in the US when it comes to towing services? There are many factors that help us arriving at this decision; however listed below are some of the key factors.

  • Timing of service – how soon do they come when you call them up
  • Reassurance – Do they just do their job mechanically or do they keep assuring you about the safety of your vehicle?
  • Value-add services – Do they just lift your car and place it on their trucks or do they offer to provide information about spare parts shop nearby, provide insurance for their services and other road assistance charges?
  • Safety of vehicle – Do they take good care of your vehicle in a professional manner?
  • Towing equipment – Do they use state of art modern towing equipment and have great storage facilities?

With respect to the above features and more, we now present you the best tow truck service company in the US – Road Help 24! It is not only a great towing service provider but also the best roadside assistance Houston service provider in the US, as per customer reviews.

Highlights of Allstate Motor Club

The company was awarded with a Gold Star recently in an award that reviewed towing and road assistance companies in the US.

On a performance scale of 1 to 10, with one being the least and 10 being the highest, Allstate Motor Club scored a whopping 9.3 rating.

When compared to most of its peers, Allstate Motor Club’s standard membership fee ($52) and premium membership fee ($186) are highly attractive.

Services rendered by Allstate Motor Club

  • Here is a brief sneak-peek into the services that are rendered by this company to its members:
  • 24/7 towing services
  • Help when you get locked inside your car
  • Help with tyre-change
  • Services pertaining to delivery of gasoline
  • Services pertaining to dead battery problems
  • Guarantee of on-time arrival, every time
  • Reimbursement towards travel interruption costs
  • Help in planning quick travels during crisis situations

Kinds of membership plans

Misfortunes don’t come announced. It is always recommended that you stay safe at all times. If you take one of the following membership plans from Allstate Motor Club, it can come in very handy for you at times when you face problems with your car like flat tyres, dead battery, lockouts, towing, etc.

Roadside Advantage Plan

Subscription charge for this plan is $52 for the first year. If you are a member of this plan, you can be assured that you will get help and support from Allstate Motor Club at any time of the day when you face any issues with your vehicle. Some of the benefits that come along with this plan are:

  • Roadside assistance worth $100 – You get $100 worth of benefits through this plan, which you can use for getting gas filled, removing/changing flat tyres, getting engines repaired and many more.
  • Arrest Bond Certificate worth $500 – What if the policy suddenly finds you guilty of violating traffic rules? You have no reason to panic at all, because Allstate Motor Club offers you a bond certificate, which you can use for paying $500 worth of penalty charges.
  • Travel Interruption Benefit worth $750 – Imagine a situation where you 100 miles away from home and then your car suddenly breaks down? Allstate Motor Club offers you vouchers worth $750 that you can use for staying in a nearby hotel, meals and for getting back to your destination.
  • Discounts on travel and accommodation – With the road advantage plan of Allstate Motor Club you get attractive discounts on hotel stays and travel plans, when you make early bookings.

Deluxe Plan

Here, the subscription plan is $108 for the first year. Benefits associated with this plan are the same as road advantage plan; however the worth of these benefits is more here. Please refer below for the same:

  • Roadside assistance worth $150
  • Arrest bond certificate worth $1000
  • Travel Interruption Benefit worth $1500
  • Discounts on advance bookings in hotels

RV Road help Plan

For recreational vehicle road help, Allstate Motor Club charges a subscription fee of $99.95 for the first year. The benefits that come along with this plan are as follows”

  • Unlimited roadside assistance benefits 24/7
  • Arrest bond certificate worth $2000
  • Travel interruption benefit worth $1500
  • 24/7 availability of personal concierge
  • Attractive discounts as part of early bird offers in hotel accommodations

Platinum Elite Plan

Here the subscription rate for the first year is $186. However the benefits that come along with this plan are simply amazing. Here are the details:

  • Roadside assistance benefits worth $250
  • Arrest bond certificate worth $2000
  • Travel interruption benefit worth $1500
  • 24/7 availability of personal concierge
  • Attractive discounts as part of early bird offers in hotel accommodations
  • Vehicle history reports available free of cost

Bottom line

The company’s tagline is “You’re in safe hands” and it lives up this line in every sense. With its innovative and customer-friendly services, Allstate Motor Club has managed to beat all other towing truck service providers by a comfortable margin. They also have a mobile app, which you can download on to your smartphones and start using their services with just a touch. They provide their services all over 50 states in the US and in Canada; hence you can be assured of quick and efficient towing & all road assistance services from them, at all times.



Connor Creek – The Budha Index Founder

ConnorCreekHello there guys, my name is Connor Creek, – and I am a founder of Budha Index! Look, – I get it, – sometimes it’s difficult for people to understand why I called my website, – Budha Index, – but for me it was clear as day.

I remember that day like it was yesterday, – I woke up, and it struck me, – Bhuda Index. Index for those who have basic knowledge of how to construct a website, – index, – is the front page, – the “home”page of the website. If the index doesn’t exist, – the website cannot exist.

Joining those two together, – for me was magical. Bhuda (the god, obviously) and the top and the most important page in the website hierarchy, – genius. I don’t want to sound weird, but it is. It just is.

Anyways, – it’s an interesting revelation. Like first of you come up with the title of the album, and it automatically gives you the canvas for the concept of the album. I’m no musician, but I don’t think it’s the way it usually works. But I was more than happy that it turned out to be that way.

So yeah, – the name opened the doors, and I just had to talk through it, – and I did, – I post content twice a week, and usually it’s about everything. Literally. I mean stuff that I find online, – stuff that I enjoy myself, stuff that my friends enjoy, – stuff that happens, to me and those around me.

So yeah, – thank you for visiting, and I hope you’ll find that information useful, entertaining, and educational.